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ordered my UPPER PLATINUM KIT IN FEBRUARY! It was $699.

I ordered early because I read all of the reviews about the multiple times you have to send your impressions in... and I just needed them by my birthday in May. I sent in my impressions, top only (they send you both, wanting to upsell when you send them back, but I know I only want the tops so I kept the extra putty because I KNEW they would be wanting another impression!) Anyways, I sent in my impressions and three weeks later, SURPRISE, it fails! So they want me to buy another kit ($35) and I tell them no worries I kept the extra putty, so they sent a return sticker.

I get it a week later and send another PERFECT impression, and TWO WEEKS LATER, it’s failed again. This time they insisted they send more putty and, again I send in yet another impression... failed. Now it is mid-April and they called me about the third impression and they say they are sending me a “rescue kit” of a syringe filled with putty...

EXCEPT they are out of stock... so I will he waiting until probably END OF MAY at the very best, and completely miss my goal of having them by my birthday trip.

And that’s not the worst of it. They have a 14 Day Refund policy, yet they admit that it takes MINIMUM 21 days to make your veneers. SO even if your impression kit magically appeared the moment you ordered, and paid the FULL AMOUNT, you still wouldn’t even have your product to decide if you wanted a refund before their refund window closed.

This company is a SCAM and I advise everyone to PAY ATTENTION TO THE REVIEWS!

Horrible business antics, horrible customer service (not even in America,) sloppy tracking of communication. Everything.

After I posted my original reviews (April 18, 2019), I received a call from Michelle-Customer Escalations Specialist, with apologies and promises to fix everything, personally... and a $100 refund IF I REMOVED MY REVIEWS! She promised 10 day production and overnight shipping as soon as my impressions were approved.

This DID happen, kind of. It still took about 2 weeks and the faster shipping, AFTER 3 more calls and lies!

My veneers arrived on May 22, 2019. They are

a EXTREMELY thick, not unlike the $14.99 ones at Wal-Mart or Party America. They don’t snap in at all, and flap around in my mouth when I’m talking, and even fell out when I was recording my video to send to Instasmile!

I called Michelle per her promise “You can call and ask for me directly and I will take care of any issues,” and the CSR gave me the runaround saying she wasn’t in the office, she was on the phone with another customer, and then she was in a meeting so she would take a message.

At this point, I just want a refund because I don’t trust in this companies ability to correct their MANY issues.

Of course, this will be an uphill battle because they only give refund to delete bad reviews, and not to fix their mistakes!


I, LaKeisha Bass, give total permission for anyone to copy, share, and post this review anywhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Platinum Veneer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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U look like a donkey


Your face is ugly anyway sticking teeth out like that


What is the point of you saying that?


Mines exactly the same cannot go out in public with them in remind me of joke teeth


Did you get the platinum? They said “yes, the platinum is much thicker” but that isn’t mentioned when they promote it!

They promote it as “more durable” but don’t mention that they look absolutely ridiculous! Have you reached out to them, what was your experience?