So far I'm very disappointed in this company and the complete lack of respect and consideration. For order #1500050385 It's now been over 7 days since I sent pictures of my latest impression that I had to pay a extra $35 to do.

No reply from you still. I don't think the impression would have passed but a answer from you would have been appreciated. I've now done 2 more upper impressions and sent them back in the box 3 days as a last ditch effect to get satisfaction and a finished product from the $535 I feel has been completely wasted thus far. So far i'm more then disappointment in the delays with a product I was first told was completely accepted and would ship on April 19th.

Then told a week later my veneers were put on hold because only the bottoms were good and I would have to pay another $35 to redo the top. So far this entire process has been a HUGE LETDOWN from your company. Please remedy my order or refund my money for the lack of timely help or Communications with my order.

I'm putting this here and everywhere else because thus far my emails and requests have been ignored. And now I've been banned from commenting on your Facebook page and all I want is some simple consideration after spending $535 and getting the run around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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