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I received the impression kit with every intention of sending them back and getting the veneers. I had some family emergencies and a loose tooth where I definitely need it for the veneer and asked to cancel (I did pay the $75 + already) and they refused to cancel. I understand it’s past the “cool down” period but if nothing is being made, why can’t it be cancelled?

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Because they are ascam they try to get the payment plan to lure people to link there checking account. Go to your bank tell them there scamming u and sometimes your bank can do a stop payment no charge if it's a scam and you didn't get the product. I contacted the FTC and am taking legal action if will not be bullyied.


Not a scam y’all are just stupid lol. I got mine fine.

It clearly says NO REFUNDS. they’re a business, they don’t care if you have an emergency! If you couldn’t afford this and an emergency, that’s on you.

Then if you keep messing up the impressions how is that a scam on them? You could literally take it to your dentist and have your dentist do it if you’re that bad at it.