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I am so upset you have no idea!

On September 16th 2018 I ordered classic upper veneers, I received my kit get the impression passed the impression.

On October 12, 2018 I received the finished product.

Upon opening the box I noticed the box was damaged creased and sunken in, I just thought it was because of hurricane Michael, and was very understanding of that.

Once I got the compact out and opened it, there was even more damage, some kind of brown liquid inside the bag with my veneers and it just looked so unsanitary.

Upon inspecting the brown liquid I noticed that the veneers were indeed bent on the right side.

I took them out for a closer look and honestly these things look so silly, big, bulky, and plastic. Looks like I went to a Halloween costume store and picked out some veneers for a bargain.

I am mediately called customer service, they gave me the runaround for 3 1/2 hours, I heard everything from :

“Liquid in the bag is for sanitation reasons and for your protection “


“ your veneers shouldn’t be broken and less you did it yourself”


“We run through extensive testing before we ship it out there should have been no reason why they’re broken”


Absolute no refunds and we’re not going to change the policy just for you”

And my favorite

“Since you want to refund so then you must’ve broken them your self.”

After Being ridiculed and looked at like a criminal.

I finally got to talk to somebody who called her self the manager, she accuse me of the exact same things only and a stronger dialect, made me feel like that I was a criminal and the only thing that she would ever do for me was put in another order to have them remade...

So she had a remake order put in for me even though I had told her I do not want the remake the product is a joke.

She kept saying that she can have them Made smaller and more realistic, I don’t believe her at all I do not want this product I want this on record I don’t want the product! But she placed the order anyway disregarding anything I said.

I don’t want them remade, I want a refund this product is 100% a joke, I couldn’t even try them on because of the nasty liquid they were sitting in, I wouldn’t even want to because of how they looked in my hand. Judging on the looks and size of these veneers if you can even call them that, They would make you look equivalent to a cartoon character, I ordered these because they were supposed to be realistic they were supposed to be concealed that’s the only reason why I paid the amount of money that I did, Instasmile is out here making people look silly and praying on people that have self-esteem issues with their natural teeth then revoking a refund when you realize their product is 100% a lie and an illusion.

If they don’t issue me a refund, and the Better Business Bureau doesn’t help I’m going to have to go higher, maybe the media or something,

I know that sounds terribly silly but they are scamming people so hard and it’s not right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

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Same here, I’ve been dealing with them since August 2018, they can’t seem to make them right, absolutely ridiculous


I was hopping to get veneers until I could afford real implants but with reviews I read I will save my money and get real thing


I have done mine. I used the impression kit and sent it back.

After hearing all the reasons my impressions are not right, they have now said the new one I sent in.... the only problem is the putty isn't mixed properly and now they want me to buy more impressions. I have mentioned that I want a refund and they can take the amount for the impressions I have used out of it but they won't give me one. I'm out a lot of money and sad because I thought this would boost my confidence.

This company does need to consider what it's doing to people. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry you have had a bad experience too. Just awful


dear sir, im claiming the sense weight loss and hair loss settlement plus refund check today. it was approved by the FTC commission committee and approved by dt douglas o.

kohler MD,marymount hospital, Cleveland, ohio 44125. asking for lump sum payment for damages and hospital reconstruction. asking for $900,581.91 state check issued and approved by michelle Obama. thanks , thanks, happy holiday, write and call soon many thanks to you and staff.

many thanks from lois lampkin and family, thanks from marian Campbell and thanks from iris Campbell. thanks iris i.campbell@gmail.com


Your error was verbally engaging these people. Complaints of this nature must be submitted in writing and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested.

Do not call, e-mail, or text message. It seems as if the damage was the doing of the carrier, not the manufacturer ; your claim is most likely with them. Do not open obviously damaged boxes (making the damage claim far more difficult to prove). You are free to decline delivery as well.

I worked in shipping and receiving for a major manufacturer for years and we often held the delivery personnel hostage while inspecting damaged deliveries. (we didn't sign the delivery ticket until we inspected the goods) You're going to have a tough time recouping from the manufacturer ; they think you just had buyer's remorse since they know the product is junk ...

to Anonymous #1580500

I wish I knew that before hand then I would have never been in this situation. Thank you for info, I’ll definitly decline future packages if there is noticeable damage.

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