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Update by user Mar 10, 2019

After submitting a claim via BBB, Instasmile was quick to respond. But still said that because they "straightened" the one front tooth, that they did their job.

They would not acknowledge the fact that the entire thing is slanted or about how fake they look.

BBB closed the case in favor of Instasmile... It's a scam.

Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2019

Before purchasing, I did a pre-order consultation, where I sent images of my mouth. I was told I was suitable for upper veneers and had made sure that the veneers would have 4 front teeth and straight (I have 3 front teeth).

After being told yes, I finally ordered. It only took about 6 weeks to get the final product. As soon as I opened it, the veneer looks like cheap plastic. Not only that, the smile is not straight at all, and it did not have 4 front teeth like I had asked about.

They straightened ONE tooth. Now, they are saying that since they straightened the ONE tooth, that they have done their job at straightening my smile. Not even that, the veneer is CROOKED! It slants down across the front.

I feel completely scammed. The representative basically told me what I wanted to hear, made the sell, and now they refuse a refund. If they had been honest in the first place and told me that they could not achieve my desired results, I NEVER WOULD HAVE ORDERED. Simple as that.

But instead, they lied and took my money.

Thanks guys... you should feel ashamed scamming people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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