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#Do not buy from this people they are thieves . I purchased veeners as a gift .

They send a kit for impressions yet they were unable to do the order , they sent the kit 3 times and were never able to do the order .

They not only kept 2 kits returned to them , they also kept the full price of the order hundreds of dollars lost and they produced no order beware , DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM they will steal your money. Oh and according to the rep that finally answered me today going through paypal for a charge back breaks the contract lol even tho they do not reply to your emails when you ask for a refund further more their register paypal address is on UK so paypal do not accept tracking to Chicago in other words is a gimmick beware They are thieves and croocks

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

Reason of review: They were not able to do the order , they kept the money .

Monetary Loss: $479.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Instasmile Cons: Are thieves.

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I paid them for classic upper arch they approved my impressions but then claimed I have to pay them $380 to upgrade to the Platinum saying I would be more suitable for platinum instead of classic which I find to be absurd now they've put my account on hold and won't budge unless I upgrade. I really had high hopes for this company and in fact saw others with several missing teeth some with four and five missing in a row and they've gotten the classic I think this is definitely a ploy to scam and strong hold customers into paying them extra for something you don't need I don't want the Platinum I've heard nothing good about the Platinum many say they're thicker and the fit sucks and compared to the classic the classic is better.

I want what I paid for and that's the classic model. Someone seriously needs to start class action suit and I'm gonna the one.


Completely disappointed. Instamile admits that they can't fix their awful product.

I asked for a partial refund, just to meet me half way because I have an unusable product. Nope. Denied.

Nothing. Don't waste your money.


There are ways around this. Please contact me.

I am filing a class action lawsuit.

Fortunately my bank gave me my money back today and is going after them along with paypal and I have my own attorney so that I can help to get everyones money back. Lolabunny2326@gmail.com



Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are sorry to hear of your experience.

We do offer refunds per our policy that can be seen here: https://www.instasmile.com/us/knowledge-centre/#faqgroup-2-12

If a charge back is opened through your credit card company, it does have to go through the proper channels and to a third party that voids the terms and conditions agreed to when purchasing.

All emails and correspondence are answered within 24 hours of receipt. We are sorry again to hear of your experience and we wish you the best in your dental cosmetic search.

Kind Regards, INSTAsmile


Anonymous... who is posting here, is probably the company secretary trying to upbeat the products to save her job.

@I hate scammers


We are sorry to hear that we are a scamming business. If we can have your name, order number or any further information, we are happy to do our best in helping.

Kind Regards,



Yes, this is a scamming business, that is internationally located. They are business that will send out the information via USPS tracking with 2 dental trays, then you send them back in.

Once they are not able to "make you anything." Then they don't refund and actually try to produce false information to Paypal, Banking agencies, once consumer tries to fight for a refund. I am currently, now fighting to get my money back too.



Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. It does appear that you placed a charge back with your credit card company prior to a refund being processed.

This will cause delays with the process as it does go to the third party merchant.

It does appear that you have been refunded properly. We are very sorry to hear of your experience and we wish you the best of luck in your search for a dental cosmetic product.

Kind Regards,


This is absolutely ridiculous. I've done the whole process with no hassle.

And the Instasmile staff were kind and friendly. Responded to all my e-mails and feedback. It's your job as a consumer to correctly take your impressions correctly. It took me more than 3 times to correctly take my impressions.

I now have a confirmation e-mail that I received this morning stating that I will be getting my impressions on they expected date that they received a good impression that passed the inspection. Sorry that you did not have a good experience.

But if you do not carefully follow the instructions. Your impressions will not pass.


I have actually received the finish product a week early and they are absolutely amazing. I had to repeat the impressions 3 times also.

They look like real teeth. I have nothing but great things to say about the company and the product!


Notice the good reviews are anonymous. Im only anonymous cuz I don't want to create an account.

Probably company stooges trying to make them look good, they think people are idiots and won't notice that they are conducting business in an illegal fashion.

They said our impressions passed but then the product arrived and it's loose and doesn't *** stay in my bf's mouth. Currently fighting to fix the situation.


Hello Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are sorry to hear of any fit issues.

We do hope that you have brought this to the attention of our customer service team.

The product does rely on the provided impressions. In some cases, if the dimensions are marginally off as the measurement of the mouth are minute, this can cause an ill fit.

Please do take advantage of the 30 day warranty that covers and fit issues.

We are very sorry to hear of your experience and we look forward to providing a fitting and aesthetically pleasing product.

Kind Regards, INSTAsmile


Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying the product.

We are sorry to hear of any issues with the impressions- third time is a charm!

Kind Regards,



Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are happy to hear that the customer service has met your expectations.

You are correct- it is important to adhere to the provided instructions to be sure we get a suitable impression. We do rely on this to be sure the product is a proper fit and aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you again for your feedback!

Kind Regards,