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has been very stressful and tedious. i have ordered 2 new putty kits and each time i still could not get the impressions correct this can become very expensive bcuz you have to pay for each kit each time you run out of putty which is 32 dollars i dont think my impressions will change thats just the shape of my teeth.

i really think they should have dental clinics all over the U>S> to help in assisting customers with doing a good impression.

its very difficult for people who have never done them before to do them on their own. so far that is my only complaint with instasmile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

Reason of review: cant get my impressions to pass.

Instasmile Pros: That they do try to help you with any issues that you have.

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I'm having the same issue. They will not refund my money or do my impressions and now they are trying to charge me for impression kits.

Something is very wrong with this!

I said almost the exact same thing to them that you mentioned in your complaint. The impressions are too hard for a novice to do and I would rather go to a dentist to get them done.


You can go to the dentist and get them done. Just make an appointment and take the kit with you and the dentist can get the perfect impression!

I got my impression right on the “first” try (the kit included 4 putty mixes. 1 For practice and then the real attempt for top and bottom.

I practiced first, then did it and I never had to get another kit). Some people just aren’t good at stuff and if that’s the case, it’s not hard at all to take the kit somewhere to get the impressions.


I'm having the same issue, I can't get the impressions right. Perfect gum line I'm going deep enough just for some reason they are always saying it's messed up. It's getting frustrating


I am having the same exact problem with my bottom teeth impressions and I'm beyond the point of frustration. I have taken 8 bottom impressions and EVERY SINGLE one has managed to fail.

Now I'm told I have to purchase my own kit to do even more impressions.

It's absolutely ridiculous. All 8 impressions came out the EXACT same shape so why in the *** would I take more impressions at my expense!

@Shariden Parks

Did you every get them to pass since this review