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They were very tight at first but after a few days of wearing them constantly they became a lot easier to remove. I have had mine for just under a month so have had plenty of time to experiment and to be able to write a thorough review on them.

The first day I got them I tried eating with them in- which you absolutely can as all other reviews have also stated (not all foods though, nothing tough or hard to bite into).. and you do have to put the food to the back of your mouth to chew which personally I don't like, it felt very strange and I couldn't taste the food as normal, so I always take them out to eat so that I can enjoy my food propperly without the worry of accidentally damaging the veneers, just a personal preference and choice which I feel nessacary to add in here as other reviews have said they have no problems eating with them in, and they are advertised as able to eat with but it definitely doesn't feel normal or nice. I have had lots of compliments on how good they look, even my dentist was amazed and thinks they are brilliant!

Absolutely no health risks as long as you keep them and your real teeth clean. Other reviews I read/watched said they got used to them and loose their lisp within a few days but honestly, it took me a couple of weeks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Instasmile Pros: Venners, Product and service.

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