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No matter,poorest customer service, with fake names,to a complete failure of A-Z If a problem arises,and even before you get anything.. Understand you will not get your money back,you'll get 3-5months of emails,with confirmations,but...

Scammers do that...youll never see a penny. Best part of this scam,they will also WIPE OUT your account.

Which certsicertainly nly begs the question, where did your ccard&info go? Call your bank,work with them,as this company will run your 60 days out on ccard,thats very important !!- Save all your info,archieve phone records,e-mails,packaging..showing dates (average delivery from the is 2 weeks,back 5-7days, out to product 5 weeks IF,AND ONLY IF, impressions are ok,but they wont be,so you must order more,2 more weeks...getting it right??!!) Dont waste your time with them,savd your money go for other COMPANIES!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Instasmile Veneer.

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