I started this headache back in February of 2020. Paid in Full for the upper veneers.

I was so excited to be getting a nice veneer for my top teeth. I am missing a front tooth and can not afford a real dental procedure. I thought Instasmile was my savior. I watched several videos of very happy clients and was so excited!

Well I was totally wrong!

I receive my impression kit with 2 sets of putty. Well Instasmile denied both of them from the impressions. I though alright I might have did something wrong but i really wanna see this through and get this great looking veneer. So I call up and have to pay $40 for 2 more sets of putty.

Again, I had a video call. The video call guy says you did everything right. Looks like a great impression.

I send in my pics again...... and wait for it......

Oh sorry those impression will not pass. So now I took a total of 4. I thought the impressions looked great.

Next, they sent me an email stating from what we seen we can not help you and we will issue you a refund. I write back and say you can not help me but you have helped several people with bad and decaying and no teeth at all but you can not help me?!!!!

All i am missing is a front tooth.I said i wanted a full refund of my money for the upper arch and for the extra putty. They say oh well you have to read the fine print we can only refund 75% back. Are you kidding me only 75%. What did they do, they did nothing to help me at all.

I should have gone with company in the US Brighter Image lab. They say no matter what they will and can make you a veneer even if the impression is not right.

This company I believe pick and choose who they want to make veneers for.

Maybe you can have a better experience with them but I did not. Please trust my review but do not say you have not been warned!

User's recommendation: Warning!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Instasmile Cons: Are thieves, Willfully mislead, No refund.

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